Joong Han Bae

Student 2017
BFA Crafts

Making is for my own satisfaction. It brings me to a state of meditation. It sets me free from too many thoughts, worries and brings me inner peace. Labor became pure intimate interaction among me, my tools and the material. Wood, which is my primary material is imperfect and often limited. These imperfections are traces of life that is once alive and stand the test of time which makes me feel awe.
The process of making, the act itself forms who I am and what I think in my work. It connects me and the outside world and each work is a reflection of the inner part of me. Therefore, my works are avatars of me. They can be avatars only if there are interaction. This interaction takes place in three different steps; interaction between me and the material, interaction between the object and the audience, and the interaction between me and the audience.
I am fascinated by how people understand different materialities and have applied that knowledge to build sturdy structures throughout history. I am interested in studying efficient structural form with its own beauty. The ideal role of my works is to fulfill people’s life emotionally and spiritually with its own beauty. Whether it is utilitarian or not, I want my works to be a psychological tools that forms and deliver people good memories and value.



Ambrosia Maple, Cherry

30" X 73" X 36"