Vicky Faye Aquino

Alumni 2014
MA Art and Design Education

Vicky believes that artists create identities for different cultures, and art is a universal language that speaks to people. She continues to learn and discover new ways to express her style by using different forms of media such as, oil, acrylic, oil pastels, watercolor, markers, charcoal, and raw materials. Most of her works reflect a harmonious contradiction that shows a colorful juxtaposition of images. By mixing bright and loud colors, she tries to capture the essence and tranquility of a subject. Using a combination of control and freehand techniques, her works portray the best of both worlds: the clarity of vividness and the mystery of vagueness. Her 3 P’s when it comes to art are: Passion, Profession, and Purpose. Through her works, she hopes to inspire others to follow their hearts, and to never give up on their dreams.

Spring Blooms in the Winter


Silk fabric with satin finish on canvas

12 x 12 x 1 in